Midas Gold: Robust Prospects for Mining Near Yellow Pine


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After spending nearly $125 million to explore the possibilities of large ore deposits, the Midas Gold Corporation says it wants to move full-bore toward gold mining in rural Valley County.

The McCall Star-News is reporting that the Vancouver, B.C.-based Midas Gold has it eye on the historic Stibnite mining district near Yellow Pine. That's where it says as many as 450 employees could be needed for the production phase.

Additionally, Midas Gold officials are estimating that they'll need as much of 50 megawatts of electricity to run their proposed production facility. Compare that to the 30 megawatts from Idaho Power to power much of Valley County in the summer, according to the Star-News.

Midas Gold is also proposing to use an access road to and from Yellow Pine to steer commercial vehicles away from area streams.

But Midas has a long way to go before its hopes become reality.

"The regulatory process is not something, unfortunately, we can control," Midas Gold President Stephen Quinn told the Star-News.


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