71 Oregon Cities Place Moratoriums on Medical Pot Shops



While the State of Oregon has approved dozens of licenses for legal medical marijuana shops, more than 70 Oregon cities have decided to place moratoriums on any medical pot dispensaries. The Associated Press reports that 40 more communities are considering their own bans.

"You have a mix of cities and counties that are definitely saying no, and you also have quite a number saying, 'We don't know yet. We want time,'" Rob Bovett, legal counsel for the Association of Oregon Counties told the AP.

In Eastern Oregon, moratoriums have been enacted in the cities of Ontario and Nyssa, and Malheur County.

Oregon Senate Bill 1531, signed into law by Gov. John Kitzhaber earlier this month, gives cities and counties until May 1 to block any medical marijuana stores that set up shop. Otherwise, the Oregon Health Authority was licensing pot to be packaged in child-proof containers and sold over the counter.

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