IPT: Vandals, Thieves Hit Historic Pix Theatre in Downtown Nampa


  • Amy Greer

Vandals struck Nampa's historic downtown theater sometime before the weekend, using paint found inside the Pix Theatre to leave graffiti on several concrete walls, the Idaho Press-Tribune reports this morning. Construction lights and ladders were also reported stolen, but it's unclear whether the incidents are related.

While the damage is relatively slight—a group of Northwest Nazarene University students have already volunteered to remove the paint—organizers with the Pix Foundation working to restore the 68-year-old theater told the Press-Tribune that it was a blow to their morale.

"[I]t just makes me feel bad that somebody is that disrespectful," said Pix Foundation President Debra Lindner.

The theater, which closed its doors in 1999, has undergone a long restoration process starting in 2002. In February, the foundation announced it had retired the mortgage on the building, and now needs to purchase plans for reconstruction. Lindner told the Press-Tribune that the foundation needs $50,000 to continue the effort.