See Traffic Stop Video of Man Allegedly Pulled Over For Having Colorado License Plate


On March 30, Boise Weekly readers learned about a Colorado man who is suing the state of Idaho for alleged "license plate profiling"—pulling him over because his license plate identified him as hailing from a state where marijuana has been decriminalized. 

Today, the Spokesman-Review released video of the January 2013 traffic stop during which 69-year-old Darien Roseen was pulled over by Idaho State Police on I-84 just Potato State-side of the Oregon-Idaho border. That's where an ISP patrolman asked Roseen, "When is the last time you used any marijuana?"

No drugs were found in Roseen's vehicle and he has denied ever having used the substance, for which recreational use was decriminalized shortly before the traffic stop. Roseen was cited for careless driving for neglecting to signal before turning. 

The ISP has since issued a statement regarding the incident, saying that it received no complaints from Roseen prior to being served with the lawsuit.