ISP Issues Statement Regarding 'License-Plate Profiling' Lawsuit



The Idaho State Police issued a nonresponse response Tuesday in the wake of a story that has swept through every media outlet in the region.

In a federal lawsuit against the state of Idaho, a 69-year-old man who splits his time between Washington and Colorado said he was unlawfully detained and searched for marijuana by Idaho State Police because he had Colorado license plates.

Darien Roseen, a retired vice president of Weyerhauser Real Estate, said his vehicle was stopped in January 2013, shortly after Colorado voters had passed the sale of recreational marijuana. Roseen said he had pulled off I-84, just inside the Idaho-Oregon border, to use the toilet at a rest stop. That's where he said ISP told Roseen he hadn't properly signaled before exiting. Roseen said an ISP trooper asked, "When is the last time you used any marijuana?" Roseen said he had never used marijuana.

Ultimately, Roseen was driven to the Payette County Sheriff's Office, was issued a citation for careless driving, and after law enforcement searched Roseen's vehicle, no drugs were found.

And today, the Idaho State Police said it had not received a complaint from Roseen prior to the lawsuit and said, "We would like to assure the citizens of Idaho and the visitors of our state that the Idaho State Police holds all of its employees to a high standard which includes following the Constitution of the United States and the laws and constitution of the State of Idaho."

But that's as far as the ISP will comment, adding, "The allegations made by Mr. Roseen are now a pending legal matter, as well as, the subject of an internal investigation. Therefore we are not able to comment on the allegations or the facts of this specific incident until the matter is resolved."

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