KBOI-TV: Meridian Paramedic College Closes, Owner Blames Obamacare



A number of students, only weeks away from graduating with certification to become paramedics, have been left in the lurch after the Guardian College announced last week that it would be shutting its doors in Meridian and not graduating the current class of would-be paramedics.

KBOI-TV reports that the school was shuttered March 25 due to what owners called "changing federal regulations with students loans," pushing enrollment down.

"You want to know the real reason why I had to close the school? It was because of Obamacare," school owner Laralei Sterkle told KBOI-TV. "They took away private student loans that you would go to Wells Fargo to get, you wouldn't have to pay until you finished your classes."

The current class of paramedics, which had begun in September 2013 and was slated for graduation in early May, is scrambling and the owner insists that she's working with the Idaho Department of Education to "try to work out a way to get students refunds and to find a school that would let her students finish out their work," according to KBOI-TV.

Meanwhile, the owner said she would make sure that the students receive a copy of their current transcripts.

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