Cable One Says It's Ready to Add BBC, Sundance, if Viacom Pulls Plug on Comedy Central, Nickelodeon


Facing a midnight deadline when the current contract between Cable One and Viacom expires, Cable One is already dangling out a number of other channels that it may add to its lineup if Viacom pulls the plug on its 15 networks—including BET, CMT, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodoen, Spike, TV Land and VH-1.

Cable One CEO Tom Might insists that his company has been negotiating diligently with Viacom, but "despite our best efforts, Viacom is still asking for a rate increase greater than 100 percent to continue carrying all 15 of their networks, even though the ratings are down since 2010 on 12 of their networks."

Meanwhile, Viacom Executive Vice President Carole Robison said Cable One was "continuing to stall our conversations rather than work collaboratively and quickly toward a compromise."

If indeed Viacom's networks disappear from Cable One, the cable provider says it is considering adding a number of higher-rated channels that viewers have requested, including BBC America, Sprout, Hallmark Channel, National Geographic, Sundance and others.