Viacom Pushes Back Against Cable One In Stalled Negotiations


Viacom, the uber-broadcaster which includes BET, CMT, Comedy Central, MTV and Nickelodeon among its 15 broadcast networks, is pushing back against Cable One as the two parties come down to the final hours of negotiations and a threatened blackout of Viacom's properties.

Cable One CEO Tom Might said March 29 that Viacom had offered a renewed contract but with a rate increase of more than 100 percent. Might said he was looking for Viacom to either reduce its rates or allow the cable provider to "drop some of their less popular networks to reduce the total cost."

But in a statement early this morning, Viacom Executive Vice President Carole Robinson said Cable One and its negotiating representative "continue to stall our conversations rather than work collaboratively and quickly toward a compromise."

"We are simply asking your cable provider for fair value for our networks, which continue to deliver more viewers than any other cable programmer, but cost far less to cable companies," wrote Robinson.

The current contract expires March 31.