Four Loko Manufacturer Agrees to Stop Sale of Alcohol Energy Drinks




The maker of Four Loko—a popular malt drink—has agreed to stop the manufacture, sales and promotion of its caffeine-infused varieties in Idaho and 19 other states. Phusion Production continues to sell Four Loko products without caffeine across the nation.

Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden announced the agreement with Phusion, which had been sued for promoting Four Loko to minors without disclosing its effects and consequences. The suit said that research on caffeinated alcoholic drinks has found that college students who mix alcohol and energy drinks "engage in increased heavy episodic drinking and have twice as many episodes of weekly drunkenness."

In addition to its cessation of manufacturing caffeinated alcoholic beverages, Phusion agreed not to promote its flavored malt drinks with products containing caffeine, hire underage persons to promote alcoholic products, or promote favored malt drinks on any school, college, university and student organizations.

Tuesday's settlement is the third such agreement to stop producing so-called “alcohol energy drinks.” Previously, Wasden and other attorneys general reached similar agreements with Anheuser-Busch and MillerCoors.

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