Idaho Moms Want Statewide Ban of Smoking In Cars With Children



A group of Eastern Idaho parents already have their sights set on the 2015 Idaho Legislature with their effort to convince lawmakers to support a statewide ban on smoking in cars with children.

KIFI-TV is reporting that the group has taken its initiative to the streets, waving signs at drivers reading, "Don't Be a Joker and Don't Be a Smoker In Cars With Kids," and "Help Pass Into Law 'No Smoking in Cars With Kids.'"

"I don't think that my children or any other children for that matter should be a smoker if they don't want to be," activist Tavia Pickett told KIFI-TV. "Even rolling down a window does not stop the children from breathing in the small pollutants that are coming into their bodies."

Pickett and other moms have begun an online petition to support the proposed ban.

The group says their idea is not a radical one: Several states have already banned smoking in cars with children, including Oregon, Utah and California.

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