The Atlantic Gives BW Some Link-Love on Ag-Gag Reporting


  • Adam Rosenlund

In the weeks since Gov. C.L. "Butch" Otter signed SB 1337—the controversialALEC-inspired "ag-gag" bill—into law, the rest of the country has responded with shock, culminating in a multi-party lawsuit filed against Otter and Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden on March 17.

Boise Weekly has been doggedly covering the issues of food safety and animal treatment in Idaho agricultural for years before "ag-gag" started grabbing headlines, and national magazine The Atlantic has taken notice.

In a piece posted today on the magazine's website (and one posted March 12 on The Week), writer Andrew Cohen referenced BW's 2011 award-winning investigation into antibiotic use at Idaho dairies, as well as our 2012 report on animal abuse occurring at Bettencourt Dairies in Hansen.

"It was this investigative work that caused one concerned lawmaker to lament recently not the cruelty, or unclean food, but the injustice of these farm operators being 'tried and convicted in the press or on YouTube,'" Cohen wrote.