Star-News: Adams County Prosecutor Admits to Charges During Disbarment Hearing


The Adams County prosecutor awaits judgement on his career as the Idaho State Bar's Professional Conduct Board mulls whether he'll be disbarred.

This week's McCall Star-News reports that during a two-day hearing, Michael Robinson "admitted guilt on four out of six counts lodged against him and admitted guilt to portions of the remaining two counts." The charges, brought against Robinson by the State Bar, involve his private law practice in six 2013 court cases in Valley County. The charges include revealing confidential information about clients without their consent, and that he conducted himself "prejudicial to the administration of justice."

The Star-News reports that Bar Counsel Bradley Andrews told the board that Robinson blamed other people, including clients, "and still refuses to take responsibility" for his actions.

If Robinson is disbarred, he could apply for reinstatement in five years.