'I' Landmark Overlooking ISU Will Be Removed



The giant red "I" that has been planted for more than a century on a hill above Idaho State University will soon be no more.

Pocatello's KIFI-TV reports that ISU officials are citing safety concerns for the letter's removal. They say the "I" is cracked and unstable and pieces of the letter could break off and push eroded debris down the hillside. As a result, nearby trails have had to be closed recently.

ISU officials say they had hoped to secure the letter with a berm or barrier, but an engineering firm recommended removal after studies showed the "I" is beyond repair and cannot be moved without breaking apart.

"The only reasonable approach to resolving the safety issues on Red Hill is to both remove the 'I' and build a berm," Phil Moessner, associate vice president for ISU Facilities Services, told KIFI-TV.