Twin Falls Says No to 'Big' Ed Beckley's Snake River Jump ... At Least For 2014


The Twin Falls City Council decided Feb. 10 that there would be no leap over the Snake River Canyon in 2014, at least from their property.

This morning's Twin Falls Times-News reports that the council voted 4-3 not to allow any special event this year, but did not rule out 2015.

For the last few months, Twin Falls officials have met several times with "Big" Ed Beckley about his plans to ride a rocket over the canyon on the 40th anniversary of Evel Knievel's ill-fated attempt to do the same. Beckley paid the State of Idaho close to $1 million to land his rocket on state land on the north side of the canyon. But the City of Twin Falls owns a parcel of land on the south side of the canyon and Beckley couldn't secure a lease with city officials.

Meanwhile, the Twin Falls team of Scott Record and Scott Truax say they're still moving forward with their own plans to fly over the canyon. They insist that they have secured leases with private land owners and they're already underway with building a rocket.

But that doesn't put Beckley out of the picture just yet.

In November 2013, Beckley told Boise Weekly that he had a Plan B: reversing the direction of the jump by using the north side of the canyon as the launching pad and leasing a different, private parcel of land on the south side for a landing site.

"Look, we've got the big pea in the pod. We've got the right to jump over the canyon and we have the north side of the canyon from the state of Idaho," Beckley told BW. "Look here, I'm going to tell you right now: My hands are going to be on a set of handlebars on Sept. 7, 2014. We're jumping that sucker."