Idaho Senators to Introduce Higher Minimum Wage Bill This Session


Three Democratic state senators are pushing for a higher minimum wage in Idaho.

The bill, which will be introduced by Ketchum Sen. Michelle Stennett and co-sponsored by Boise Sens. Cherie Buckner-Webb and Elliot Werk, would raise the minimum hourly wage to $9.75 per hour over two years, then tie it to the consumer price index.

Tipped wages would go from $3.30 per hour to $3.80 per hour. By 2015, the bill would raise that to $4.25 per hour and peg it to the CPI.

Currently Idaho's minimum wage is at the federal minimum: $7.25 per hour. The bill will be introduced in the Senate State Affairs Committee.

The minimum wage promises to be a hot topic this legislative season. Already, three of Idaho's neighbors—Oregon, Montana and Washington—have raised their minimum wages to well above the federally mandated minimum. Ahead of the legislative session, numerous groups have hit the streets to raise awareness and recognition of the issue.