BW Video of History on Wheels: Knudsen House Rolls Away In Shadow of Legislature's New Parking Garage

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A mix of emotions filled the morning hours on Boise's Franklin Street today as the century-old Knudsen House, pushed away from its original location by the state of Idaho's desire for another parking garage, inched its way down the street to a new lease on life.

"I'm excited and only slightly nervous," Burr Boynton told Boise Weekly.

With good reason. Boynton is the man who purchased the home and convinced everyone that he could move the home two blocks west to the corner of Franklin and Eighth streets. But moving the Dutch Colonial Revival home, built in 1905, is quite a feat.

"I have a lot of confidence in Western States Movers. They worked on this project for three months and they've moved a lot of homes," said Boynton.

It was just last summer that BW sat on the stoop of the Knudsen House with John Bertram, president of Preservation Idaho, who called the state "bullies" for wanting to get rid of the home sooner than later so that it could move forward with its $8 million, 600-space parking garage.

"I took a little flak from calling the state a 'bully,'" said Bertram. "But we were given an ultimatum and we didn't have any choice. But I see some pluses now. We get to maintain the Knudsen House in the same historic district."

And while the Knudsen House was rolling away Monday morning, construction workers were busy less than a block away, working on the state's new parking structure, while the Idaho Legislature was going about its business two blocks away at the Statehouse.