No Wolves, 21 Coyotes Killed in 'Derby,' Residents Say They Were Threatened


No one claimed the $1,000 prize for killing the largest wolf in this past weekend's controversial wolf hunt derby in Salmon. In fact, no wolves were killed by hunters during the two-day event.

But organizers of the event said 21 coyotes were killed during the event.

The hunt attracted media attention from across the globe:

"Wolf and Coyote Derby Turns Small Idaho Town Into a Battleground," wrote Guardian Liberty Voice.

"Two-Day Holiday Killing 'Derby' in Idaho Targets Wolves and Coyotes," wrote the Huffington Post.

Managers at the Stagecoach Inn in Salmon say a hunter's tire was slashed in their parking lot Dec. 27. And managers of the Savage Grill in Salmon—co-sponsors of the event—told a Twin Falls television station that they received a series of threats because of their sponsorship.

U.S. District Magistrate Judge Candy Dale ruled Dec. 27 that the derby could go on as scheduled after an attorney for Wild Earth Guardians had argued that the U.S. Forest Service was ignoring federal law by permitting the hunting derby on federal land. But Forest Service officials said that while the hunting—a noncommercial event—was taking place on federal land, any judging and awarding of prize money would take place on private land.