Tally From First Day of Wolf Derby: Zero Kills, One Vandalized Car


Organizers say approximately 200 people were expected to participate in this weekend's coyote- and wolf-hunt derby in the Salmon area, but only about 50 or 60 participated in Saturday's first day of the event.

The Associated Press reports that no wolves had been reported shot in the derby.

U.S. District Magistrate Judge Candy Dale ruled Dec. 27 that the derby could go on as scheduled after an attorney for Wild Earth Guardians had argued that the U.S. Forest Service was ignoring federal law in permitting the hunting derby on federal land. But Forest Service officials said that while the hunting—a noncommercial event—was taking place on federal land, any judging and awarding of prize money would take place on private land.

Hunters are being promised a $1,000 prize for the largest wolf killed and a $1,000 prize for shooting the most coyotes.

An organizer told the AP that one hunter's vehicle had been vandalized with paint and scraping and that law enforcement was investigating the incident.