Gay Mormon in Idaho Shares His Story With Local TV, NPR, YouTube


He began sharing the challenges of his personal life via YouTube. Then, National Public Radio saw the video and asked him to be a guest on a number of their programs. And now, Jamison Manwaring's hometown television station—Idaho Falls KIDK-TV—is sharing Manwaring's story with his neighbors.

"It took my parents and family some time to process it," Manwaring told KIDK-TV.

Manwaring lived as a gay Mormon in extreme privacy, until earlier this year, when he decided to tell his brother and father before posting a video on YouTube. The video has since garnered tens of thousands of hits.

"If you are a little different, people tend to judge you," said Manwaring. "And that is common in a lot of communities, and I definitely think that can be true in Idaho Falls."

Manwaring said he plans to stay with his Mormon faith and doesn't want to push a political agenda:

"I need to be more tolerant of people who are different and who are outside the norm because it can be tough to grow up in Idaho Falls. There are obviously conflicts within my faith and my feelings but I deal with those."