Bonner County Adopts Firearm Rights Resolution


Officials in Bonner County say they're in agreement with a resolution by the Idaho Republican Party that directs local law enforcement to "prevent federal action that would violate the Second Amendment."

This morning's Bonner County Daily Bee reports that Bonner County commissioners Dec. 24 unanimously adopted a resolution, "calling on the governor and state lawmakers to enhance protections for the right to bear arms."

Commissioners conceded that they can't direct their county sheriff to carry out the board's wishes, so instead they adopted a resolution to ask state lawmakers to enact a statewide statute that "makes it a felony offense for a governmental authority to intentionally and knowingly violate rights protected under the Second Amendment."

That’s what we’ve given here in what we feel is the best manner, which is to kick it up to the state legislature and to the state of Idaho to take appropriate action,” said Commissioner Cary Kelly, the board’s chairman, according to the Daily Bee.