$700 Million Suit Filed As One-Year Anniversary of I-84 Bus Crash Approaches


Nine people died and 38 were injured in this Dec. 30, 2012 bus crash on Interstate 84.
  • Nine people died and 38 were injured in this Dec. 30, 2012, bus crash on Interstate 84.

As the one-year anniversary of a horrific bus crash on an icy stretch of Interstate 84 that killed nine and injured 38 more approaches, a Canadian lawyer representing 12 of the victims has filed a $700 million lawsuit, alleging negligence.

Within days of the Dec. 30, 2012, bus crash, passengers were alleging that the driver "was fatigued and failed to heed warnings" before the vehicle crashed through a guard rail and plunged 200 feet down an Eastern Oregon embankment, throwing some passengers through broken windows. Passengers alleged that the driver, who also doubled as a tour guide, "continuously without relief over the first eight days of a tour package, violated federal regulations governing the maximum allowable time on-duty and driving."

And now a new lawsuit is also accusing the Oregon Transportation Department of failing to make the stretch of I-84 through the Blue Mountains safe.

The suit was filed Dec. 23 at the Umatilla County courthouse in Oregon, by Scott Parks, an attorney representing two of the dead and 10 of the survivors.

Meanwhile, ODOT is also a plaintiff in a separate $10 million lawsuit filed by another survivor and the estates of three of the dead.

ODOT officials said they would not comment on the suits.