KTVB-7: Boise TSA Agents Skipped Work, Didn't Follow Instructions, Made Inappropriate Comments


KTVB-7 is reporting that its investigation of Transportation Security Administration records has revealed dozens of cases of TSA misconduct in Idaho, "from skipping work to making inappropriate comments of a sexual nature."

A 33-page report, titled "TSA Could Strengthen Monitoring of Allegations of Employee Misconduct," chronicled thousands of cases between 2010 and 2012, and though Idaho's cases accounted for less than 1 percent of reported misconduct cases, they included 22 instances of "failure to follow procedures or instructions," 15 instances of "inappropriate comments or conduct," 13 instances of being "tardy or absent," four instances of "DWI" and three more instances classified as "other (including workplace violence, allowing unauthorized access)."

KTVB-7 reports that the TSA followed up with the following actions: 22 letters of reprimand, 14 suspensions, 10 terminations, 11 others classified as "unknown."

The TSA issued the following statement:

"All aspects of our workforce regimen - hiring, promotion, retention, training, proactive compliance inspections, investigations, and adjudications - are driven by adherence to the
highest ethical standards. There is zero tolerance for misconduct in the workplace and TSA takes appropriate action when substantiated, including anything from a referral to law enforcement or termination of employment."