Idaho Teacher Cleared by Commission, But Won't Teach Reproduction This Year


An Idaho high-school science teacher, who came under fire nine months ago from a few parents who were upset that he had used the words "vagina" and "orgasm" while teaching biology, has been given the all-clear from the Idaho Department of Education's teacher ethics commission.

In March, four parents said they were offended that Tim McDaniel explained the biology of an orgasm and included the word "vagina" during his lesson on the human reproductive system in a 10th-grade biology course. The parents filed a formal complaint with the state commission, but McDaniel said he taught "straight out of the textbook" and gives every student the option not to attend the class when he teaches about the reproductive system.

"This sort of thing makes you worry about what you teach," said McDaniel. "That's not right."

The Twin Falls Times-News reports that even though McDaniel was cleared by the commission, officials at the Dietrich School District confirmed that McDaniel won't be teaching about the human reproductive system in his biology class this year.

"It's sad because the kids need it, but I don't need the headaches," said Dietrich School Superintendent Neal Hollingshead.