From Amazon to Your Doorstep: Your Christmas Deliveries Via Drones



Today—known to retailers as "cyber Monday"—is expected to become the busiest shopping day of the year. The name was coined in 2005, and five years later, comScore reported that North American consumers spent more than $1 billion online on the Monday following Thanksgiving.

This morning's USA Today reports that Nooks are running as low as $39; Keurig coffee brewers are 55 percent off; iPads were selling for $349; and iTunes gift cards were 15 percent off.

But the big buzz in retail this morning is coming from last night's report on CBS' 60 Minutes when Amazon founder Jeff Bezos announced that his company was working on something called a "Prime Air" project where deliveries would arrive via unmanned aircraft.

This video shows a drone picking up packages in yellow buckets at Amazon's warehouses. Bezos told 60 Minutes that the service could be up and running in as few as four years.