Mountain Express: Six For Sochi? Sun Valley's Best Eye Olympic Games



Sun Valley's goal is "Six in Sochi."

Simply put, the challenge is to get six locally-trained skiers and/or snowboarders on the U.S. Olympic Team at the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi Russia.

This morning's Idaho Mountain Express reports that the Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation is going full tilt, what with the grand opening of its newly remodeled Olympic training facility at the base of Bald Mountain's Warm Springs lifts on Picabo Street, named after the 1998 super-G gold medal winner. For nearly half a century, another 35 U.S. Ski Team members and many more national and regional champions have also risen through the ranks of the SVSEF. In recent years, Sun Valley has served as a training ground for Morgan Arritola, Simi Hamilton and Andy Soule, who was the first American to win an Olympic or Paralympic medal in the sport of biathlon.

Earlier this month, Boise Weekly visited the facility that will play host to more than a dozen local skiers and snowboarders vying for a spot on the U.S. Olympic Team.

"We will have the best facility in the country for winter snow sports," SVSEF Executive Director Rob Clayton told BW. "Our main priority is to provide a high-quality training venue for Olympians and aspiring Olympians. We will see a higher level of competition here."'

The Mountain Express' Tony Evans reports this morning that Sun Valley cross-country contenders include Mike Sinnott, Miles Havlick, Matt Gelso, Rose Kemp, Mary Rose and Chelsea Holmes. Alpine athletes include K.J. Savaria, Kipling Weisel and Tanner Farrow. Sun Valley snowboard athletes include Chase Josey and Kaitlyn Farrington. And freestyle skiers training under the SVSEF are Wing Tai Barrymore and Shane Cordeau.