Is Fixed?


More than a few fingers are crossed at the White House as a new self-imposed deadline quickly approaches to get the Obamacare website off life support.

Following a series of starts and stops, President Barack Obama has promised that his signature health care reform should be vastly improved by the end of this month—that means Saturday, Nov. 30.

Luke Chung, president of Virginia-based software developer FMS, Inc., called the administration's prediction that would work at 80 percent capacity on or around November 30 an impractical threshold in the software world.

"I don't know how to build something that's only 80 percent complete," Chung told CNN. "I don't even understand how that works."

This morning's National Journal lists five things to watch for in the next few days:

Traffic: collapsed under a mere 2,000 simultaneous visitors—far short of the 4.7 million visits the site logged on its launch day.

Response times and error rates: White House budget director Jeff Zients said the error rate for consumers is below 1 percent and response times are under a second, which is down from 8 seconds on Oct. 1.

Outages: was still experiencing unexpected outages just a week before the administration's end-of-November deadline.

834s: The enrollment reports—"834 transmissions" in industry jargon—have been incomplete and inaccurate.

Enrollment: The administration can afford to fall a little short of the 7 million enrollees it expects to see this year, but each state's exchange still needs a critical mass of enrollees—as well as a good mix of sick and healthy—to avoid massive premium hikes next year.