Idaho Jobless Rate Dips; Significant Improvement for City of Boise


Idaho's employment statistics "stabilized" in September and October, according to the Idaho Department of Labor, which reported this morning that September's jobless numbers remain steady and improved by one-tenth of a point in October.

Idaho's unemployment rate—currently at 6.7 percent—has been below the national rate—currently at 7.3 percent—for a full 12 years.

State officials reported today that approximately 51,400 Idahoans are on the official unemployment logs. At the same time, total employment was close to 721,000.

Idaho businesses reported hiring nearly 20,000 people in October; nearly all of the jobs were considered "replacement" jobs as employers continue to recover from the recession.

Thirty-five of Idaho's 44 counties posted declines in their unemployment rates from September to October. Adams County again posted the highest rate of 14.5 percent, while Franklin and Oneida counties reported the lowest rate of 4 percent.

The Boise metro area, including each of the Treasure Valley communities, reported a 5.9 percent jobless rate in October, three-tenths of a point lower than September. The City of Boise's jobless figure was even lower, reporting a 5.6 percent jobless rate, four-tenths of a point lower than September.