Gas Exploration Company Plans More 'Vibroseising' For Payette County



The next wave of natural gas exploration in Payette County is gaining steam.

This morning's Ontario Argus Observer reports that Alta Mesa, which snapped up a number of leases and existing wells from Bridge Resources in 2012 after the Canadian-based company liquidated many of its assets, will soon begin testing for more natural gas in Payette County.

In August 2012, BW reported that Alta Mesa was conducting unique "vibroseising" tests to determine where it might next drill for gas. It turns out that the same 3D testing will be conducted in January 2014.

"The vibroseising will last approximately 10 seconds. We'll pause for three seconds and then start shaking again," engineer Brent McNeill told BW in 2012. "We probably won't run these in intervals more than three minutes each."

The sequential sound waves shake the ground and dart through the Earth's crust, each wave bouncing back when it hits a formation. The images are then transmitted to a separate receiver truck, parked on an elevated parcel of land and connected to an antenna similar to a radio tower. The receiver truck collects the signals, creating the sonogram-like images.

Meanwhile, Alta Mesa has submitted two new conditional use permits, one for a treatment facility and another for a pipeline connection which is expected to secure the company's operations to begin pushing out natural gas to the marketplace. The two permits require approval from Payette County officials.