Sportsmen's Coalition Calls For Monument Status of Boulder-White Clouds


John Caqywood stands before Boulder-White Cloud Mountains
  • Sportsmen for Boulder-White Clouds
  • John Caywood stands before Boulder-White Cloud Mountains

Arguing that the U.S. Congress was incapable of protecting the legacy in the Boulder-White Cloud Mountains, "given wide-spread dysfunction highlighted by the recent government shutdown," a new coalition of Idaho hunters and anglers announced Oct. 29 that they were ready to step in to preserve the habitat.

"We've been waiting nearly a decade for Congress to preserve our hunting and fishing opportunities in the Boulder-White Clouds," said John Caywood, member of the Ada County Fish and Game League. "But after years of broken stalemate politics in Washington, D.C., it's clear that our 'do nothing' Congress can't get the job done."

In particular the coalition, dubbed Sportsmen for Boulder-White Clouds, is pushing for a Boulder-White Clouds National Monument, seeking stronger protection for the 763,000-acre area. The coalition posted a petition on its website, urging sportsmen to call on U.S. Secretary of Interior Sally Jewel and U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack to create such a monument via the Antiquities Act.

"The Boulder-White Clouds area deserves to be permanently protected to ensure that it will remain open to hunting, fishing and other outdoor recreation and the Idaho’s outdoor heritage will thrive for future Americans," said Drew Wahlin, president of the Idaho Chukar Foundation. "We support these efforts and would be humbled for your support in establishing this area as a national monument."