Remembering Pam Baldwin


Pam Baldwin, 1947-2013
  • Pam Baldwin, 1947-2013

Pam Baldwin will be publicly honored and remembered today.

Baldwin—mother, wife, sister, daughter and activist—died at the age of 66 Oct. 21 due to complications from pneumonia.

Baldwin's amazing career of activism could fill volumes: she was executive director of the Interfaith Alliance of Idaho, director of the Idaho Rural Council, board member of the National Family Farm Coalition, organizer for United Vision for Idaho and had enough honors to fill a room, including 2004's Human Rights Leader of the Year from UVI, one of 2009's Women of the Year from Idaho Business Review and one of 2010's Idaho Women Making History from Boise State University.

A memorial service is being held today—from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Boise Unitarian Universalist Fellowship on North Garrett Street.

Friends are being asked not to wear black:

"In Pam’s spirit, we request that everyone wear denim or pastel colors for the celebration, as she would want everyone light and airy," said her family. "Some of her favorite colors were pinks and blues."

In 2005, Boise Weekly sat down with Baldwin as part of a Citizen profile. She spoke about faith, politics and activism:

"I think now more than any other time, when politics and religion are so intertwined in a way never seen in this country before, people should understand the importance of the separation of church and state. The [Interfaith] Alliance looks at all sides of the "religio-politico" phenomenon, where organizations seem religious but are political. It confuses people. Churches get money, but they don't have to act in the way that most people would think if they're taking taxpayer money. [In both the national organization and locally, we work to promote] what houses of worship can put out without crossing the line."