Changes to 8th and Main Spire? Maybe Colored Lights Might Help


Daybreak in Downtown Boise
  • Daybreak in downtown Boise

Walk by the soon-to-be finished Eight and Main tower in downtown Boise and you'll notice something: even though the lights trumpeting Zions Bank and Holland and Hart are still ablaze, the spotlight flooding the spire at the top of the tower is dark.

After a skirmish over the spire, with some citizens complaining to Boise City Hall and the building's owners the Gardner Corporation, designers have agreed to change the top of the building, which some argue looks a bit like the top of a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints building.

One of the proposed changes would be to change the color of lights shining on the top of the spire. Another change would be to enclose the bottom half of the spire with some glass. Developers say the changes would be so minor that they wouldn't even have to go through a hearing with the city of Boise's Design Review Committee.

When the tower officially opens in January 2014, tenants and visitors will fill 18 stories, Idaho's tallest building.