Result of Facebook Flap Involving Pocatello Coaches: She Gets Fired, He Keeps His Job


Officials in the Pocatello School District are sticking with their decision to fire the coach of Pocatello High School's girls basketball coach. An effort from a group of parents of some of the basketball team's players met with School District 25 officials Oct. 24 but were not able to change officials' minds.

This morning's Idaho State Journal reports that women's basketball coach Laraine Cook was dismissed Oct. 22 due in large part to a photo on her Facebook page that showed her boyfriend, who also happens by Pocatello High School football coach Tom Harrison, touching her chest.

But parents said they were were worried about the timing of the firing because the basketball season begins in less than a month. Officials said they would stand by the firing for now, but agreed to conduct another review, which would include the principal of Pocatello High School and the Pocatello High Athletic Director.

Meanwhile the football coach told the Journal that he was reprimanded by the school district for his part in the matter but that he was still employed as the coach.

"It’s a sad deal,” Harrison told the Journal.