Boise Council Grants Reprieve for Knudsen House



The Boise City Council has decided to override the city's Historical Preservation Commission and even the recommendation from City Hall staff, and grant a reprieve to the historic Morris Knudsen House at 603 W. Franklin Street.

In August, Boise Weekly told you of the tenuous fate of the century-old house, built by Morris Knudsen in 1905. The State of idaho had purchased the land as part of its plans to build an $8 million, 600-space parking garage, using the corner lot to create an adjacent surface lot.

Burr Boynton stepped forward with a plan to move the Knudsen House to the 800 block of West Franklin—two blocks away. But he needed permission from the Boise Historic Preservation Commission to tear down another house on the lot where Boynton wanted to relocate the Knudsen House. The commission denied Boynton's plan.

But on Oct. 15, the City Council overruled the commission's decision, which gives Boynton and the home a new lease on life.

Boynton still has to move the building by the end of the year.

"It's a big project," Boynton told BW. "Not overwhelming."