'Smaller' Mega-Loads Roll Up Idaho's I-95


With mega-load movers being ordered to steer clear of U.S. Highway 12, oversized shipments rolled through north Idaho in the early morning hours, this time on Interstate 95—Idaho's main north/south corridor.

The mega-loads left the Port of Lewiston and crawled up I-95 until halting just before dawn at the border of northwest Montana. The giant shipments are heading for the Tar Sands Oil Project in Alberta, Canada. Two of four shipments moved overnight, and the remaining two are expected to roll tonight. Each shipment is 20 feet wide, 15.6 feet tall, 75 feet long and weigh about 80,000 pounds.

"They're called sump sections," Idaho Transportation Department spokesman Adam Rush told the Lewiston Tribune. "It's different from the piece of equipment that is still at the Port of Wilma (Washington)."

Movers had hoped to haul the larger shipment—approximately 644,000 pounds—across U.S. 12 but U.S. Judge B. Lynn Winmill halted any further mega-loads on the east/east route until the U.S. Forest Service could conduct a study to determine the environmental impact of the shipments on the Wild and Scenic River Byway.