Labrador on ABC's This Week: 'Very Difficult to Work With Obama'


Idaho GOP Rep. Raul Labrador was back in front of the TV cameras this morning, this time appearing on ABC's This Week With George Stephanopoulos.

"We're four days away from reaching the debt ceiling. We gave the president an offer where we would extend the debt ceiling without any requirements ... and I don't see why the president is not accepting that or working with us," said Labrador. "I think it's been very difficult to work with [Obama]. He wouldn't even come to the table to negotiate."

And Labrador wasted no time to bring the debate surrounding the federal government shutdown and the deadline for hitting the nation's debt ceiling back to the Affordable Care Act.

"If you look at Obamacare, the president has given exemptions to friends and businesses," he said. "All we're asking is to give the same exception to the American people. I don't think that's too much to ask."

Minnesota Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison, sitting alongside Labrador, was having none of it.

"We can talk about all these things after we reopen the government and pay America's debts," said Ellison. "There are a number of things we could do, but we can't do them under the gun we're under right now."

"We just offered you a six-week extension," countered Labrador.

"Six weeks is no good," responded Ellison. "Do you want to do this again in six weeks? That's crazy."