Boise Bown Crossing Market Closing Due to 'Politics, Vendor Disputes, Licensing Limitations'


Saying that they are victims of politics and vendor disputes, organizers of Boise's East End Market say they'll shutter the Bown Crossing market at the close of business Sunday, Oct. 13, not just for the season but for good.

"We are sad to close the market, but happy to have had four successful years working with wonderful vendors, merchants, and patrons in the Bown Crossing neighborhood," said market founder and director Courtney Feider. "Our closing day on October 13 will be the ultimate going away party."

Feider said that factors leading to the shutdown "included but were not limited to licensing limitations made by the City of Boise, vendor disputes and politics as a result of new markets and major changes in downtown Saturday markets, and new and lasting road closure limitations due to a change in route for a nearby fire station."

The final Bown Crossing market will be held 10 a.m.-2 p.m., Sunday, Oct. 13.