Edible Roadkill Rules Being Finalized in Montana Today


Soon enough, Montanans who accidentally kill big game on the state's roadways will be able to put the carnage on their dinner table by printing out permits at home.

So, yes, there will be an app for that.

This morning's Missoulian reports that the Montana Fish and Wildlife Commission is meeting today to put the finishing touches on new regulations that will allow Montanans "to print permits to salvage for food any animals they hit and kill within 24 hours of the fender-bender." The original plan was to have Montanans present the carcass to a law enforcement officer in person within a day of the crash, but now drivers will simply click an app to print a permit.

Earlier this year, the Montana Legislature approved a bill that allows Montanans to salvage deer, elk, moose and antelope roadkill. The state FWP commission is refining the rules, including provisions that salvaged meat must be eaten, not used for bait; and the whole carcass must be taken from the crash site.

The FWP Commission is meeting in Miles City, Mont., today, where it is expected to finalize the rules.