Twin Falls Man Accused of Theft, Drug Possession, Dressing as Cop


Robert Swett, 30, faces a myriad of charges.

A Twin Falls man is behind bars following a bizarre series of events, including the alleged theft of a BB gun, and the suspect impersonating a law enforcement officer. Ultimately, Twin Falls police used a stun gun to bring the man down and take him into custody.

This morning's Twin Falls Times-News reports that 30-year-old Robert Swett faces charges of unlawful possession of a firearm, resisting arrest, petit theft, failure to appear, possession of a controlled substance, concealing evidence and failure to purchase a driver's license.

Swett is accused to trying to steal a BB gun from a Twin Falls warehouse. When law enforcement searched Swett, they said they also discovered a .45 caliber Derringer handgun in his pocket. Police said they also recognized Swett as being involved in an incident the day before when they discovered Swett, dressed as a Hailey Police Officer, had handcuffed a woman and told her not to move. But the woman later said the pair were "just goofing around." Police cited Swett for petit theft and later discovered that he was a felon not allowed to possess firearms.

When Twin Falls Police caught up with Swett again, this time they said he fled on foot. That's when they Tased Swett and took him into custody. Police also discovered Oxycodone in Swett's pockets.

Swett is scheduled for a preliminary hearing Friday, Oct. 18.