Video: ITD Unveils Idaho's First 'Diverging Diamond Interchange'



It's called a Diverging Diamond Interchange, but transportation planners call it a DDI, and Eastern Idaho unveiled the Gem State's first DDI early this morning.

The DDI allows two directions of traffic to maneuver onto an Interstate with little to no delay, moving a high volume of traffic without having to add additional lanes or traffic signals. Motorists familiar with the on and off ramps of Vista Avenue near Boise's airport may be familiar with some of the concept but the DDI uses fewer traffic signals, moving vehicles through the maze a lot quicker.

But the Idaho Transportation Department chose the Eastern Idaho community of Chubbuck for its first DDI. In particular, transportation planners are hoping that the DDI clears up congestion between Interstate 86 and Yellowstone Avenue. The project had a $10.7 million price tag.

DDI's are nothing new to the rest of the nation. Popular Science magazine called the DDI "one of the best innovations in 2009," when the first Diverging Diamond Interchange was built in Springfield, Missouri. The first-of-its-kind DDIs were built in the early 21st century in France.

ITD went as far as to producing a video to explain Idaho's first DDI.