Effort Under Way to Push Payday Loan Centers Out of Caldwell Zone


Opponents of payday loan centers in Canyon County say that if they can't make the operations go away, at least they want them reigned in through zoning.

This morning's Idaho Press-Tribune reports that a public hearing is set for Monday, Oct. 7 at the Caldwell police station to consider a new zoning effort. The Press-Tribune reports that nearly 400 petitions were delivered to the Caldwell City Clerk's office Oct. 4 in support of a proposal that would require any new payday loan businesses to operate outside of commercial zones. The proposed rule would not apply to existing businesses.

Caldwell City Council President Jim Blacker told the Press-Tribune that similar ordinances have pushed an adult bookstore out of town.

"Used constructively, they’re fine,” Blacker told the Pres-Tribune. “It’s like anything. If we don’t use them to excess then they are great, but if we allow them to take over, they’re not so great.”