Video: Idaho Principal Dresses As Princess, Kisses Frog


Educators will do just about anything to motivate their students. One Eastern Idaho principal went as far as kissing a frog Oct. 2 after his students successfully completed a fitness challenge and fundraiser.

Idaho Falls's KIDK-TV reports that Bonneville County Discovery Elementary School Principal Ken Marlowe was challenged to dress up as a princess by a sixth grader if students exercised for 150,000 minutes over two weeks (the students ultimately exercised 168,000 minutes). But Marlowe took it a step further, saying he would kiss a frog.

Marlowe is accustomed to interesting challenges; He has previously dressed up as a genie and has been duct taped to a wall.

"If we can make elementary a fun, exciting place for (students) to be, where they can learn the basic information they need to be successful, that's what we want, and that's what we're going try to provide here at Discovery Elementary," Marlowe told KIDK.