CNN, Turner Classic Movies Disappear From Local Cable Line-Up



Cable ONE announced earlier Tuesday morning that it had hoped to retain TNT, TBS and the Cartoon Network on its schedule, but by late afternoon, the cable provider said that three networks would join CNN, CNN en Espanol, CNN Headline News, Turner Classic Movies, TruTV and Boomerang in being pulled from its channel line-up.

“Turner has chosen to punish our customers by deauthorizing the signals for these channels so that they will no longer receive them,” said Trish Niemann, Cable ONE Public Relations Manager. “We believe that they have deauthorized these channels in retaliation for us dropping their less popular programming.”

Meanwhile, Turner Broadcasting is pushing back saying that it had offered an extension of the services while negotiations continued to establish appropriate rates.

"We are simply asking that Cable One pay the established and accepted rates already in the marketplace for our portfolio and remain willing to discuss a new agreement that recognizes the strength and value of our networks and the popular programming they offer," read a Turner statement.


Tens of thousands Cable ONE subscribers in the Treasure Valley don't have access to the "most trusted name in news" today.

Cable ONE announced this morning that, with its inability to renew a contract with the Tuner network of stations, it has dropped CNN, CNN en Espanol, CNN Headline News, Turner Classic Movies, TruTV, and Boomerang from its channel line-up.

"We have made every effort to reach a fair deal," said Cable ONE CEO Tom Might. "However, Turner has demanded an increase of nearly 50 percent for channels with steadily declining ratings. Since we were unable to reach a fair deal with Turner, we've been forced to drop these channels from our channel line-up."

Cable ONE has secured a separate agreement to keep carrying TBS, TNT and the Cartoon Network.

"We're hopeful that Turner will continue to negotiate in order to reach an equitable agreement for the dropped channels," said a Cable ONE statement.