GBAD Likes Its Meetings


The Sept. 23 meeting of the Greater Boise Auditorium District was all about meetings. When GBAD directors weren't talking about meetings, they were talking about committees that were scheduling new meetings or they were approving funding for directors and staff to travel to other meetings.

Nowhere in the two-hour meeting was there any discussion regarding any possible expansion, addition, or replacement of the Boise Centre, the centerpiece of GBAD's mission.

Yet, GBAD continues to rake in taxes to its ever-growing bank counts.

"The District's taxes and interest income continue to exceed budget," Secretary/Treasurer Susan Eastlake told the GBAD board Sept. 23.

Eastlake added that GBAD was sitting on more than $15.8 million in cash and investments in its accounts, which continue to grow through its 5-percent hotel room tax. GBAD owns and operates the Boise Centre and a five-acre vacant block bordered by Front, Myrtle, 11th and 13th streets which can presumably be used for a larger convention facility.

But the Sept. 23 GBAD meeting was all about "management speak"—with words such as "opportunity," "synergy," "direction," and of course "meeting" used liberally.

In July, then-GBAD director Stephanie Astorquia cautioned her colleagues that GBAD had already met 31 times this year.

For the record, GBAD's next meeting is set for Thursday, Oct. 24.