Times-News: Twin Falls School Board Approves $1.4 million Emergency Levy


The Twin Falls school board approved a $1.4 million emergency levy Monday to hire 10 paraeducators and one part-time kindergarten teacher, as well as help pay for additional curriculum and supplies.

According to the Twin Falls Times-News, the district has grown by 726 students in the past two years. In the past year alone, enrollment grew by 376 students—from 8,216 to 8,592—a 4.4 percent increase, the Times-News reported.

The district qualified for the emergency levy for the past two years, but held off pursuing the funds. County tax dollars will pay for the levy, which was due on Sept. 5, but Twin Falls County Commissioners approved the district’s request for an extension.

First grade is the largest class in the district, with 770 students. The district is running out of classrooms to house them all and, according to the district facilities planners, needs to build two elementary schools and a middle school within the next four years.