Wildfire Update: Weiser Complex Near Containment, Elk Complex Contained, Little Queens Smoldering



The three biggest wildfires in Idaho are on their way out.

The Weiser Complex fire, which burned almost 29,500 acres in two weeks, is at 95 percent containment. Fire crews expect to have the burn completely contained by Friday, Sept. 13.

The fire creeps and smolders in the meantime, but growth potential is next to nil. Cooler weather and cloud cover with a little moisture have helped firefighters get a handle on the blaze. Spring Creek, Kawanis Justrite and Paradise campgrounds are now open, as well as Highway 71.

The Elk Complex fire, Idaho’s largest active fire, burned 131,258 acres since Aug. 8, when lightening sparked the fire. It’s now 100 percent contained and a Burned Area Emergency Response team assessed the watershed within the burned area, looking for possible short term treatments like seeding and mulching to protect soils and streams. Rehabilitation will begin along some roads, with priority being to enhance water movement through culverts and ditches.

And the Little Queens Fire near Atlanta is currently 20 percent contained, with four crew members monitoring the burn. It’s 26,500 acres. Rain over the past several days have limited fire activity. Fire managers are watching closely for sediment build-up or rock fall on the Middle Fort Boise River Road, but the road remains open. Fire managers don’t expect the fire to be fully contained until Oct. 30.