Times-News: Daredevils Vie to Perfect Evel Knievel’s Snake River Canyon Jump


Forty years ago, Evel Knievel couldn’t obtain a permit to jump the Grand Canyon, so he settled on the Snake River Canyon outside of Twin Falls. He didn’t get far when his parachute deployed too soon and his vehicle crashed. But now, two Twin Falls natives are attempting to do the exact same jump, from the exact same mound of dirt, in an identical rocket.

Scott Truax and Scott Record paired up to build the rocket. Truax’s dad, Bob, built Knievel’s steam rocket in 1974. He’s using his dad’s original drawings to build the new rocket.

“We have better parachute technology now that wasn’t around back then,” Truax told the Twin Falls Times-News. “We know what went wrong now, so we know it’ll make it across.”

Truax and Record aren’t alone in attempting the stunt; three other daredevils have shown interest as well, leading the Twin Falls City Council to consider creating a permitting process for the stunts. They don’t want a repeat of the last time. Meanwhile, the applicants are also awaiting approval from the Idaho Department of Lands to use the north side of the canyon as a landing site.