Moscow-Pullman Daily News: Removal Efforts Under Way at Abandoned N. Idaho Dam


Crews in the North Idaho city of Troy have started removing an abandoned dam. According to the Moscow-Pullman Daily News, the goal of the removal is to improve fish passage and spawning habitat for native steelhead, whose numbers have increased in parts of Little Bear Creek near the small town west of Moscow.

The work started Sept. 4 and should take about a month to remove Dutch Flat Dam, which was built in 1919 to create a municipal water reservoir but was abandoned in 1925 when it filled with sediment from upstream farming and logging.

“We have a pretty good spawning habitat up north of here,” said Bob Ries, a biologist with the National Marine Fisheries Service. “We’d certainly get some kind of boost in the population.”

Troy Mayor Ken Whitney said the dam, “outlived its purpose by 89 to 90 years.”

The Idaho Office of Species Conservation and the Bonneville Power Administration are financing the dam removal.