Feds Give OK to Tara Minerals for Mining Project in North Central Idaho


The U.S. government has given the green light to Tara Minerals Corporation to move forward with what it calls a surface miner training plan for north central Idaho.

Tara Minerals acquired the Ponderosa Project in the Dixie Mining District, more than 6,700 acres, including six mines that have yielded gold and silver. The project is part of Idaho's Orogrande Shear Zone, which has been mined since the 1860s. But much of the mining was shut down due to the World Wars. Since the stoppage, much of the district owners focused on the land's logging value.

But Tara, which which also operates mines and processing mill in Choix, Mexico, is convinced that it can revitalize the mining in Idaho's Dixie Mining District.

The Idaho Department of Lands has already given its blessing to the surface miner training program, and this morning, the U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration gave its approval for the north central Idaho project.