Ex-Jailer May Avoid Prison Sentence For Lewd Conduct With Juvenile Inmate


Julie McCormick pleaded guilty to lewd conduct with a minor under 16.
  • Canyon County Jail
  • Julie McCormick pleaded guilty to lewd conduct with a minor under 16.

An ex-juvenile corrections officer has admitted to an inappropriate relationship with an inmate but may have avoided a prison sentence of her own.

Julie McCormick, 31, was arrested in November 2012 after a 15-year-old male said he suffered emotional and personal distress as a result of "statutory rape, lewd, and lascivious conduct, sexual battery and neglect" when he had a sexual relationship with McCormick—and that she has the victim's initials tattooed on the side of her neck.

McCormick was arrested nearly five months after a group of IDJC employees filed suit against the state of idaho and nearly seven months after IDOC staff reportedly witnessed inappropriate behavior between McCormick and a juvenile at the Nampa facility.

On Aug. 23, McCormick pleaded guilty to a charge of lewd conduct with a minor under 16 but this morning's Idaho Press Tribune reports that she struck a deal with Canyon County prosecutors to cooperate in the investigation in a separate criminal trial.

It turns out that McCormick, after being arrested for lewd conduct, was housed in the Canyon County Jail with Nicole Kirtley, accused in connection with the shooting death of a Nampa man. Prosecutors said Kirtley allegedly shared "relevant and material" information with McCormick at the jailhouse.

McCormick is scheduled to be sentenced Tuesday, Nov. 12 after the presumed end of the Kirtley trial.