Middleton Mayor Gets 120 Percent Salary Bump


The Mayor of Middleton got a big raise overnight.

This morning's Idaho Press-Tribune reports that the the Middleton City Council, voting 3 to 1, decided to make the mayor of their city a full-time employee, bumping the salary from $18,000 a year to an annual salary of $40,000.

The Press-Tribune reports that the Aug. 21 City Council meeting spent the majority of its five-hour meeting discussing the issue of salary with one councilor suggesting that the mayor should make even more—$45,000. But ultimately, the majority settled on $40,000 with only councilor Brad Spencer voting no, suggesting that the salary should be $36,000.

Middleton Mayor Darin Taylor had argued that he should get an increase, saying that his part-time compensation was inadequate for the role.

The Council insisted that taxes would not have to increase as a result of the salary bump.